Jess Connolly is a gal passionate about communicating about Jesus. Whether that's through writing, speaking, or having a coffee date - she loves spurring other women on and wants to leave her generation more in awe of God than she found it. She's one of the cofounders of SheReadsTruth, the owner of Naptime Diaries, and the co-founder of The Influence Conference and Network. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina where her and her husband have planted Gospel Community Church. They've got four wild kiddos and an extroverted dog. 

Some other things to consider: 

  • Coffee is her love language. 
  • Jess has a passion for headstands and handstands and if you're long her near enough, she'll convince you to do one. 
  • She loves watching past reruns of the Biggest Loser. 
  • Her fondness for white robes is intense and generational. 
  • Jess is an extreme introvert who lives the life of an extreme extrovert as a church planter's wife and internetter. All this means is that she does better in a crowd of 300 than 30 and if there are too many people in her house, you might find her in her bedroom with headphones on. 

Hayley Morgan is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur who inspires women to create lives of more passion and less fuss. She and her husband started Wildly Co., an ethical children’s clothing line, and she is also the co-founder of the Influence Conference and Network. Hayley lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband and their four sons. She blogs at and

That's the official bio, but on a lighter note:

  • She loves Diet Mountain Dew, even though her husband and boys say it's going to turn her into a Ninja Turtle.
  • You can often find Hayley cross-legged on the floor of an art supply store debating between the merits of five different shades of green paint.
  • She's given in to the fact that reading on a Kindle is just more convenient than paper books. 
  • She wanted to be an astronaut (or the president) as a little girl. High aspirations have never been a problem for her. ((insert nervous grimace emoji here))
  • Hayley is an ambivert, meaning she straddle the line between introversion and extroversion. This is common for her Meyers-Briggs type ENFP and also causes confusing patterns in her life.